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Fingerspell With Sign Language

Learn how to receptively and expressively finger-spell using Hands On ASL! Our unique, interactive application helps anyone and everyone learn communication-basics using the American Sign Language alphabet.

Unlike other applications, Hands On ASL uses 3D models, rather than still shots or videos, that can be zoomed and rotated with 360 degree freedom, allowing you to see the hand shapes from all angles!

Our distinct game style quizzes allow for real time practice with letters and words of varying length and spelling speed. Try your hand at our application and you’ll get hooked on beating your previous high score. Exercise your brain and walk away with a new skill and language that can connect you to a whole new world!


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Learn the alphabet in ASL!
Test your skills!
Beat your high score!
Unlock fun rewards!
Customize the hand with fun skin colors!
Challenge yourself with unique quizzes of varying difficulty!
Review and refresh on letters you have trouble remembering!
Use a drag gesture to rotate each hand to new angles!
Easily replay complex signs with custom animations!
Practice your comprehension at higher speeds to master!
Purchase harder assessments to improve your skills!
Use a pinch gesture to zoom in/out each hand!

Reviews & Shout-outs

"It's no secret that I am into word games, but being able to play one and incidentally learn something is twice as good."
-- Frederik Schrader, Daikon Media GbR

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